ONLINE TRAINING: "Fundamentals and Features of ChromaTOF for GC-MS Analysis"


ONLINE TRAINING: Fundamentals and Features of ChromaTOF for GC-MS Analysis

Thank you for registering for our ChromaTOF online training. All details on how to access the training sessions will be sent to you via email. The individual sessions will be available for on-demand streaming shortly after each training session.

Please login to access the on-demand training sessions and the download material!
The login window will be activated shortly after the start of session one.

The Online Training will consist of 3 sessions:

5th MARCH // 4 PM (CET) // Session 1

• Part 1: "Software Overview and Data Management"
• Part 2: "Peak Finding & Library Searching"

10th MARCH // 4 PM (CET) // Session 2

• Part 3: "Retention Index Methods"
• Part 4: "Target Analyte Finding"

12th MARCH // 4 PM (CET) // Session 3

• Part 5: "Reference Methods"
• Part 6: "Quantitation and Semiquantitation Methods"

Language: English | Participation: FREE



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