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Dirk Radermacher, Dipl. Ing.
Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH

"Even with an increase in the number of analysis per day, turn around times – over the years – could be maintained or even reduced. This was achieved without decreasing of the measurement accuracy and repair-related or maintenance-related shutdowns.

In Germany we have a saying that perfectly fits for LECO: The first car sells the sales, the second one the service. By the way, at LECO you get everything out of one hand. The quality of the consumables is the same as for the analyzers themselves.

"Never change a running system". The statement is true, but to have a ‘running system’ over the years requires a lot of efforts. LECO not only stands for the sale of equipment but is also always helpful in the continued operation of old equipment.

Simply speaking, the LECO analyzers are "workhorses" with a very long service life. The devices require only a relatively low own maintenance and the consumption of consumables are within normal limits."