Dave Burniston, Technical / General Manager

AMG Superalloys UK Ltd

"AMG Analytical has been working on LECO machines for over 25 years for the determination of O, N, C and S.

We embarked on a project working with LECO to bring Hydrogen testing in-house. The outcome of the project was excellent!

We have now purchased a LECO ONH836 machine and will offer the testing of Hydrogen to its external customers.

In our experience the level of commitment, technical expertise and support provided by LECO is unique within the industry.

We have no hesitation in recommending LECO to any company wishing to improve the efficiency of their operations."

Sven-Erik Bäckman, GM


"For our business as an accredited contract laboratory we need very flexible instruments that remain stable in the long run. Flexibility for the ever-changing levels of alloying elements and also for the lack of reference materials. We therefore need a versatile instrument for analysis and research, i.e. possible to separate, and for serving our customer with extended element range. We need top of the range instruments. D-LAB has for a long time used LECO Instruments for analysis of C S N O H.

We are very happy about the ranges that the instrument can handle!"

Alex De La Peña, Head Of Product Development & Laboratory

Calcinor S.A.

"In the past, my company, CALCINOR S.A. used to carry out quality control tasks using muffle furnaces to determine Loss by Calcination.

When we acquired the LECO equipment to automate our process, we saw a significant improvement.

Our work with these instruments is very satisfactory and I emphasize the robustness of our LECO instruments because they are prepared for continuous work backed by LECO technical service. We continue to trust the LECO brand, acquiring their instruments when necessary."

Vicente Carbonell, Head Of The Chemical Analysis


"LECO is undoubtedly a great brand synonymous with quality and professionalism that offers me Security and confidence.

Our AINIA chemical analysis laboratory has been using LECO equipment for more than 14 years!!, specifically the TRUSPEC N and a TGA701 thermogravimetric analyzer. We use these to routinely analyze solid foods such as pastries, sausages, pre-cooked meals, etc. and we are accredited for these tests by ENAC from time we began using these instruments. We do over 10,000 analyses per year!

LECO enabled us with the latest technology to carry out tests quickly, economically with higher PRECISION compared to traditional methods such as Kjeldahl for Total N or the muffles for humidity & ashes that are slower and more expensive. In all these years LECO has never failed us when we needed their Technical Service or help with a new application."

Anna Karchenko, Head Of Lab


"With LECO CS844 and ONH836 instruments, we can easily test our degassed chrome products and restrict gas-forming impurities to a very low level (~0.0005% ).

Reliability of the equipment and the speed of analysis is very important to me because it directly affects shipment of our finished products.

A big portion of our products are exported and for as long as we have used LECO instruments, we haven’t received any complaints for our analyses. The work of LECO Russia is noteworthy. They’ve been highly professional with us from providing recommendations for preparation of the room to methods for analysis of our samples. Warranty services are at the highest level and consumables are always available at their nearest warehouse.

We are highly satisfied and readily recommend LECO to other users."

Andrea Franciscono

Chemical & Corrosion Laboratory
Cogne Acciai Speciali S.P.A.

"My company has been using LECO instruments for CSNH analysis since 1973. Thousands and thousands of analyses, through day and night, in a steel shop laboratory… That’s hard work… both for the operator and the analytical equipment.

Since 1973 precision and accuracy are still improving!

Simply a robust and reliable instrumentation! Simply… LECO!"

Dirk Radermacher, Dipl. Ing.

Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH

"Even with an increase in the number of analysis per day, turn around times – over the years – could be maintained or even reduced. This was achieved without decreasing of the measurement accuracy and repair-related or maintenance-related shutdowns.

In Germany we have a saying that perfectly fits for LECO: The first car sells the sales, the second one the service. By the way, at LECO you get everything out of one hand. The quality of the consumables is the same as for the analyzers themselves.

"Never change a running system". The statement is true, but to have a ‘running system’ over the years requires a lot of efforts. LECO not only stands for the sale of equipment but is also always helpful in the continued operation of old equipment.

Simply speaking, the LECO analyzers are "workhorses" with a very long service life. The devices require only a relatively low own maintenance and the consumption of consumables are within normal limits."

Jean-Michel Romnee

Wallonian Agronomy Research Center

"The Trumac CN is really good compared to Elementar and Thermo Flash. Here are results of a study I conducted in 2015. LECO TRUMAC is more precise compared to others. One method fits all solid and semi-solid matrix, while with other instruments, the methods need to be customized for each sample matrix!"

František Vacek, Ing.

Coal Services A.S.

"Our main instruments for 'fuel analysis' are LECO calorimeters AC500 & AC600, LECO TruSpec CHNS together with LECO CHNS628 and Thermogravimetric analyzers LECO TGA601 & TGA701. It could take us as little as 2 minutes per analysis and with the TGA we can simply load samples and continue working on other tasks! LECO understands the importance of our work and provides highly reliable services to keep these instruments in order. Thanks to remote consultation with LECO Service department they are never too far from us when we need help. Simply a great technology partner to have!"

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