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Vicente Carbonell, Head Of The Chemical Analysis

"LECO is undoubtedly a great brand synonymous with quality and professionalism that offers me Security and confidence.

Our AINIA chemical analysis laboratory has been using LECO equipment for more than 14 years!!, specifically the TRUSPEC N and a TGA701 thermogravimetric analyzer. We use these to routinely analyze solid foods such as pastries, sausages, pre-cooked meals, etc. and we are accredited for these tests by ENAC from time we began using these instruments. We do over 10,000 analyses per year!

LECO enabled us with the latest technology to carry out tests quickly, economically with higher PRECISION compared to traditional methods such as Kjeldahl for Total N or the muffles for humidity & ashes that are slower and more expensive. In all these years LECO has never failed us when we needed their Technical Service or help with a new application."

František Vacek, Ing.
Coal Services A.S.

"Our main instruments for 'fuel analysis' are LECO calorimeters AC500 & AC600, LECO TruSpec CHNS together with LECO CHNS628 and Thermogravimetric analyzers LECO TGA601 & TGA701. It could take us as little as 2 minutes per analysis and with the TGA we can simply load samples and continue working on other tasks! LECO understands the importance of our work and provides highly reliable services to keep these instruments in order. Thanks to remote consultation with LECO Service department they are never too far from us when we need help. Simply a great technology partner to have!"