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"Moisture analysis is typically a classical gravimetric technique when analysing both food and animal feeds. As such there is a considerable amount of 'hands on' analyst time to ensure accuracy. Freeing up analyst time allowing focus on other testing was the drive and automation of tests such as moisture was key to achieving.

The laboratory was aware of systems on the market which it could use to automate the moisture analysis but dealing with companies with a trusted track record, allowing an easier route to commission any such testing, was very important under our accreditation. We have used LECO instrumentation for nitrogen testing for over 20 years and therefore we felt that initial discussion with the company was justified. The instrumentation was then purchased on time and on budget. Communication with the representatives and technical specialists during the purchase was excellent.

We have had a long association with using LECO instrumentation particularly in the field of nitrogen/protein testing and they are viewed as a leader in this field. Reliability and accuracy of equipment is very important in the enforcement field and our experience is that LECO instrumentation delivers on both. The instrumentation (TGM) purchased was also at an affordable cost which ticked another box for us.
Time savings have been made as the analyst only has to weight the samples and set the instrumentation going and the rest is automated. Checking that the weighings are 'true' and to constant weight is the next intervention but this is clear from the analytical printout and takes little time and effort. So the time process of moisture determinations has now been optimised and we are achieving good external proficiency test results enhancing confidence in the figures reported to customers.

The equipment is robust, accurate and well priced compared to others on the market. LECO are a well established company with a long track record to producing high quality and reliable instrumentation. We are over cautious in terms of our suppliers of instrumentation in terms of the legal implications of the samples we are testing and the constraints of the ISO 17025 accreditation we work to. But LECO instrumentation we have used has never failed to deliver. Excellent after sales care is another bonus and engineers and reps are easily accessible."

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Microplastics: Seeing the Details with GC×GC

Microplastics are a ubiquitous presence in the world, found from Arctic snow to Antarctic ice and everywhere in between. There are trillions of microplastic particles floating on surface water, and everyone from infants to adults are presumed to be ingesting anywhere from dozens to tens of thousands of these particles every day.

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The TGA: Macro and Micro

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) first started in the early 20th century, and while the technology has advanced, the basic principles remain the same. With TGA, the rate of change of reactions in the chemical and physical properties of materials as functions of temperature or time is what is used to assess the properties of the sample materials. Most TGA these days is done with either micro TGAs (using milligram-size samples) or macro TGAs (using gram-size samples).

Folded Flight Path®: Ten Years of High Resolution

The first Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer was proposed in 1946, and the design has been refined and iterated upon every since.
With an unlimited mass range visible in each spectrum and a high spectral generation speed, the advantages of TOF mass spectrometry were immediately clear. Though the instruments improved, they did eventually hit physical limitations that restricted the resolving power. More work had to be done.