SECYTA 2023 I Mallorca, ES

16 Oct 2023 - 18 Oct 2023
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LECO will attend SECYTA on 16th-18th October, 2023 in Mallorca, Spain.

In this XXII Scientific Meeting of the SECyTA we will provide an update on the latest advances in gas and liquid chromatography and related techniques. The topics that are welcome in this meeting include (i) developments on the theoretical fundamentals of column separation, (ii) hyphenated techniques and omics, (iii) miniaturization and automation, (iv) imaging, (v) green separation methods, (vi) chemometrics, and (vii) environmental, toxicological, forensic, food and nutritional analysis.

In collaboration with the Spanish Society of Mass Spectrometry there will be a session specifically devoted to image applications of MALDI (Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry) in which significant improvements have been reported over the past few years.

Furthermore, a special session will be organized to critically discuss potential alternatives available in view of the progressive scarcity and increasing cost of helium, one of the most used gases in gas chromatography. Last but not least, we will also dedicate a specific session to the analysis and identification of micro/nanoplastics, and contaminants of emerging concern associated to them, in marine waters such as those of the Balearic Islands coasts, freshwaters systems, biota and food commodities. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Mallorca.