Moisture and Ash Webinar | ONLINE

07 Sep 2023 11:00 am


Moisture and/or Ash Determination in Food with automated TGA systems 

Our webinar covered several methods of determining moisture and ash content, with a focus on the weight loss on drying method for moisture and the weight loss after combustion method for ash. We were excited to present our fully automated moisture and ash analysis system that could process up to 38 samples simultaneously, providing numerous benefits such as improved handling, automation, data security, and analysis speed.

During the webinar, we provided an in-depth overview of the technology used and demonstrated its capabilities with several analytical examples. Additionally, we were pleased to offer a live demonstration in our Berlin Demo lab.

We're thankful to report that the webinar was a resounding success and appreciate the many contributions of our participants that made this event so informative and valuable.

On-Demand Registration

If you weren't able to join us live on 7th September, 2023 – Don't worry! You can now access the on-demand video by clicking the following button. We hope you find this resource helpful in exploring the latest advancements in moisture and ash analysis technology. Don't miss out on this opportunity.


More about Moisture and Ash Determination?

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Discover further information about LECO's solution for moisture and/ or ash determination on our ressources site.