FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP // Inorganic Elemental Analysis

Inorganic Material Online Workshop
12 Apr 2021 - 23 Apr 2021
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In this workshop the LECO Inorganic product line together with interesting applicational examples will be presented. CHNOS analysis of steel, semiconductors, inorganic materials, powder metals and others are discussed. The theoretical lectures will be followed by a practical demo where the instruments themselves will be shown and some typical samples are analysed. A questions and answers session will finalise the workshop.

This workshop is free of charge.


  • Introduction
  • LECO Inorganic CS 844/744 Series
  • CS844ES Lowest Sulfur concentrations
  • LECO Inorganic ONH 836/738 Series
  • O836Si Example for Special Instruments for low Oxygen concentrations
  • DEMO ONH836
  • DEMO CS844
  • Q&A