4 August 2020

1st North American virtual GC×GC Symposium & Workshop

A free virtual seminar sponsored by LECO Corporation
14 – 18 September 2020

Who will benefit? Any supervisor or chemist working in the analytical lab looking to get more information from GC-MS technology, struggling with complex samples, or seeking advantages beyond the same old GC-MS performance. If you have a GC-MS analytical challenge, you’ll want to see what you’ve been missing! You will learn from key opinion leaders in the field of GC and GC×GC technology as to how these solutions can seamlessly fit into your workflow and benefit your laboratory.

This complementary symposium and workshop will include presentations featuring a diverse range of applications by global experts in GC×GC technology (LECO’s PEGASUS® brand of products, including the classic Pegasus 4D-C, BT 4D, and GC-HRT+ 4D). Each day ends with an online round table discussion with our daily speakers and a LECO Applications Chemist, answering your questions about that day's topics and GC×GC applications.

We have an outstanding speaker lineup including Robert Synovec from University of Washington, Christopher Reddy from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and many more. Presenters will speak for approximately 30 minutes with adequate breaks in between, providing 2–3 hours of content per day.