Analytical Solutions for Cement and Building Material Analysis

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Instruments for Cement and Building Material Analysis

LECO delivers perfect solutions for your samples such as cement and clinker, raw materials, environmental samples, fuels and alternative fuels as well as lime, gypsum and quick lime. Check out our product portfolio for cement and building material analysis including the CHN828, SC832, RC612, AC600, and TGA801 and see how we can empower your results.

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► Brochure "Solutions for Cement Analysis"

► Determination of Split Loss on Ignition in Cement | TGA801

► Sulfur and Carbon Determination in Cement, Clay, Fly Ash, Limestone, Soil, and Ore | SC832

► Sulfur Determination in Coal and Coke | S832

► Moisture, Volatile Matter, Ash, and Fixed Carbon Determination in Coal | TGA801

► Determination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in Coal | CHN828

► Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen in Coal | CHN628

► Gross Calorific Value in Coal | AC600

Check out our product Portfolio for Cement Analysis


Cement // CHN828

CHNS828 Series | Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Sulfur

+ C, H, N and S in coal, coke
+ C, H, N and S in alternative fuels / biofuels
+ C, H, N and S in liquid fuels
+ C, H, N and S in environmental samples


Cement // SC832

SC832 Series | Sulfur / Carbon – the perfect solution for many samples

+ SO 3 / CO 2 in cement, clinker, raw meal, limestone, lime etc.
+ SC in solid fuels (coal, coke, waste materials)
+ SC in liquid fuels (oil, waste materials,…)
+ SC in environmental samples


Cement // RC612

RC612 | Carbon / Water Phase Analyser

+ TOC / TIC / EC content of limestones, raw materials and other matrices
+ CO2 / water content of cement / clinker
+ Quick test of LOI by water / CO2 testing
+ Moisture, water, carbon in burnt and slaked lime
+CO2 / carbonate content in lime
+ Crystalline water in clinker
+ H2O-phases / lime / gypsum
+ CO2-phases in cement


Cement // AC600

AC600 | Semi Automatic Calorimetry

+ Gross calorific value in fuels
+ Gross calorific value in alternative fuels
+ Calorific value of environmental samples


Cement // TGA801

TGA801 | Macro Thermogravimetric Analysis

+ Loss on Ignition (LOI) in fly ash, coal fly ash and Portland cement by macro TGA
+ Two-step Loss-on-Ignition (LOI) on cement
+ Moisture, volatiles, ash, and fixed carbon in coal
+ Moisture, volatiles, ash in alternative fuels
+ Hydration forms of gypsum
+ Moisture / crystalline water in lime



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