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LECO Solutions for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis
LECO Solutions For Total Organic Carbon(TOC) Analysis Acid Digestion and Temperature Dependent Methods for TOC Analysis Timesaving TOC Instrumentation For Your Laboratory Market Leading TOC Analytical Performance   Instrument Portfolio TOC Methods On-demand Presentation Publication Library   Your TOC analysis has never been easier with LECO’s solutions Carbon is an essential building block of life on our planet. The amount…
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The recent eSeminar series on SepScience.com covering LECO’s solutions for Food and Environmental Analysis is now available as an on-demand version. The talks feature topics around the challenging field of FOOD analysis as well as the ENVIRONMENTAL analysis of the thousands of chemicals present in our air, land and water supplies. REGISTER FOR THE ON-DEMAND SEMINAR TODAY
"The detection of honey bee diseases through monitoring shifts in volatile profiles" by Maggie Gill – Keele University, UK
Today, 20th May, is UN World Honey Bee Day. The honey bee is an important pollinator species that contributes an estimated $15 billion a year to the US economy through crop pollination and £690 million to the UK economy. Honey bees are also important wild pollinators, and play a key role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services in many ecosystems.
Of Fireworks and Tourism: GC×GC-HRMS Analysis of Summer Impacts on Lake Michigan Water Quality
Fireworks are a staple of America’s Independence Day celebrations. It is estimated that 16,000 fireworks displays are held in the United States each year and American consumers will spend more than $1 billion in firework sales to mark the holiday! Beyond a big bang and bright lights, how do these fireworks affect the environmental world around them? LECO’s world headquarters…