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LECO Analytical Applications Poster Competition 2020

With the aim of improving our understanding and knowledge of LECO users’ work and research, LECO Europe is running a Poster Competition for all LECO Users. It‘s a great opportunity to present your work to LECO and the wider LECO user base. All posters will be exhibited within our online LECO Poster Gallery until 31st of January 2021. The winner will be announced beginning of Febraury 2021.

Cost Effective Primary Moisture Analysis for Dairy Products

An accurate determination of moisture content in milk products provides important information related to the food quality and safety (texture, taste, microbial stability). Moisture is also a key variable used to calculate a product’s purity, yield, and /or resulting constituent analysis on a dry basis.

The TGM800 provides the user with flexible method settings, automation, and hardware capabilities that maximises moisture determination efficiency, productivity, and analytical performance. This is accomplished while offering the ability to meet the primary loss-on-drying method requirements for sample.


Standard Oven Drying Methods vs. TGM800: Direct Moisture Determination

Jolanda Nortjé, Laboratory Manager of The Southern African Grain Laboratory (SAGL), had a problem. Working with grains meant a lot of thermogravimetric analyses, but standard oven drying methods were incredibly time-consuming. Depending on the flour matrix, oven times could range from 1 hour to 17. Whole grains could take a full 72 hours. When LECO Africa reached out with a suggestion of a better way, Nortjé was happy to give it a try. She agreed to participate in a comparison of a primarymoisture loss-on-drying determination using the TGM800 and standard oven drying methods.