NEW PRODUCT: The Hydrogen Analyser H836EN

Headerimage Hydrongen Analyser for inorganic materials

A new Member of LECO‘s successful 836 Series

The H836EN Hydrogen system is designed for low-range measurement of hydrogen content in aluminum, steel, refractory metals, and other inorganic materials. The H836EN differs from other 836-series systems with a larger sample introduction mechanism and higher sensitivity. Also larger samples like aluminum rods and uranium oxide pellets can be analyzed, it also supports surface/bulk hydrogen differentiation of aluminum samples.


LECO Instrument H826EN wirh reflexion

Typical Applications

  • H in steel and ferrous alloys:
    Superior sensitivity and analytical range, starting at 10 ppb; without expensive and problematic MS detector
  • H in aluminum and aluminum alloys:
    High sensitvity and low range capacities together with high volume crucibles
  • H in nuclear materials like depleted uranium pellets/powder:
    Large sample diameter for nuclear fuel pellets
  • H in refractory metals:
    High precision and accuracy together with superior furnace power

Special Purpose Derivatives

  • High precision analysis of low-level hydrogen in aluminum; ferrous, titanium, and other alloy types are also supported
  • Software support for stepped temperature furnace profiles supporting the speciation of surface and bulk hydrogen of aluminum
  • EN sample drop, upper electrode, and crucibles are designed to support larger low-level samples like aluminum slugs or depleted uranium pellets
  • Replacement for RHEN602 Hydrogen Determinator

„All About Aluminum: The New H836EN“ – Blog Post

Learn why LECO‘s newest instrument in the 836 Series, the H836EN, is ideal for the determination of hydrogen in aluminum and watch the video about aluminum sample preparation.

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Preview Image Video aluminium sample preparation

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Sample Image LECO H836EN App Note

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