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MSX205 Series
Benchtop Sectioning Machines

The MSX205 Series sectioning machine is perfect for creating small sections for electronics and fasteners. This versatile sectioning machine offers both linear and radial feed configurations in a space-efficient benchtop model with 8 in (200 mm) blade capacity, 2.04 HP (1.5 kW) variable motor speed, and integrated 4.2 gallon (16 L) recirculating system.

  • Advanced spindle design offers long life and precise sectioning
  • Welded steel construction stands up to harsh production environments
  • Large T-slotted table for fast and flexible sample fixturing
  • Channeled coolant drainage provides high flow rates and minimizes debris build-up
  • Integrated 4.2 gallon (16 L) recirculating system
  • Optional integrated Y-table for convenient parallel sectioning

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MSX205 Details

MSX205 Series Benchtop Sectioning Machine

  • Models
    MSX205M Series
    1. Manual with Fixed Y-Table
      - 230V
    MSX205M2 Series
    1. Dual with Moveable X- and Y-Table
      - 230V
  • Options
    1. Integrated Y- and X-table for parallel sectioning
    1. Sectioning Accessories
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