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VC50 Diamond Saw

Precision Diamond Saw

The LECO VC50 is ideal for precise sectioning of ceramics, minerals, metals, and electronic components. Creates section samples up to 1.5 in (38 mm) in diameter with minimal material loss or deformation. Patented electronics monitor and maintain constant speeds (up to 500 RPM) under various load conditions while the meter neatly displays the speed in surface feet-per-minute. Complete with a 5 in (127 mm) x 0.014 in (0.38 mm) thick diamond blade.

  • 0 to 500 RPM variable-speed selection
  • Precision micrometer in inches or millimeters for accurate positioning of samples
  • Sliding weight assembly provides convenient load application
  • Automatic shut-off allows unattended operation
  • Vise for samples up to 1.50 in (38 mm) included
  • Tachometer display in surface feet-/meters-per-minute.
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VC50 Details


  • Models
    1. VC50, English measurements
      - 115V or 230V

    1. VC50, Metric measurements
      -115V or 230V

  • Options
    1. Thin section slide holder

    1. Irregular shape specimen holder

    1. Flanges for 4 in (102 mm) blade
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  • Consumables

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