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FLUX™ | GCxGC Flow Modulator | LECO

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FLUX™ | GCxGC Flow Modulator | LECO

GC×GC Flow Modulator

Our innovative FLUX GC×GC flow modulator was designed with one goal in mind—to make GC×GC more routine, accessible, and easier for you. The flow modulator's concept is based on the sound and easily understood principles first articulated by Seeley et al. on diverting flow. This extraordinarily simple design comprising of a cross shape and a sideways T, is not only easy to setup and get started, but its ease-of-use makes it the most cost-effective option for GC×GC analysis.

This flow-based modulator is perfect for those who want to perform robust GC×GC analysis, but who don't need the sensitivity of standard quad jet thermal modulation. Ideal samples should be complex, but relatively concentrated. Appropriate applications include petroleum and fragrance analyses such as the classic weathered crude oil example pictured below, which shows a GC×GC plot generated on our PEGASUS® BT platform using the FLUX flow modulator.GC×GC TOFMS Chromatogram.

 Diverting Flow

The first and secondary capillary columns are connected together through a simple tube with a fixed gap between the columns. A flow of gas (helium) is then used to inject into the second column or divert to waste. The precise timing and flows are all handled by our integrated software, therefore you just have to click one button to setup and begin performing flow modulation GC×GC on our Pegasus BT platform. Inject Divert mode.

Furthermore, no complex spreadsheets are needed to understand your method. This simple and robust design does not require cryogens to carry out GC×GC, which saves time and boosts efficiency in your lab.


FLUX Screens.


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About Flow Modulation by downloading our white paper "The operation, use, and concepts behind a diverting flow technique."


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AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator | LECO

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AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator | LECO

AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator
Coal and Coke Ash Fusibility Determinator

Our AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator increases your laboratory throughput by automatically determining the ash fusibility temperatures (IT, ST, HT, and FT). The state-of-the-art AF700 features improved operational controls, digital archiving ability, integrated safety features, and increased instrument robustness.

  • A stable, permanently mounted integrated camera is isolated from the high-temperature area
  • An integrated viewing system consistently aligns mirrors with camera and furnace
  • A complete image history for all analyzed samples can be digitally archived and retrieved to make objective determinations and confirmations of deformation temperatures
  • Door interlocks and an integrated carbon monoxide detector provide increased laboratory safety
  • A LED light ring enables low-temperature deformation point measurement
  • High-endurance six-element heating furnace provides durability and long-life

LECO's AF700 is an ash fusibility determinator that automatically monitors ash cone deformation temperatures in coal ash and coke ash. Prepared ash cones are mounted on a ceramic tray and placed into a high-temperature, rampable furnace. The user selects an analytical method with a predefined furnace atmosphere (oxidizing or reducing) and a ramp rate (°C/minute) for the furnace. Next, a digital camera collects images after the furnace temperature reaches the method-defined starting point. Predefined ash fusibility temperatures (IT, ST, HT, and FT) may be automatically determined using Image Recognition Functions (IRF) within the software. In addition, IRF allows the option of analysis to be automatically terminated after all deformation points have been reached for all samples—increasing throughput and furnace lifetime. A complete image history for all analyzed samples is digitally archived for easy retrieval And review on DVD, CD-RW, or hard drive. Archived images may be used to make subjective determinations of deformation temperatures.

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AF700 Details


  • Models
    1. AF700 Single Furnace System

    1. AF700 Dual Furnace System