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QUADJET™ Thermal Modulator | LECO

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QUADJET™ Thermal Modulator | LECO

QUADJET™ Thermal Modulator

Thermal modulation delivers the highest performance of any available modulator for GCxGC. Other types of thermal or valve-based modulators do not match up to the ruggedness, reliability, and performance of LECO's GCxGC modulator. With LECO's GCxGC system, modulation is accomplished via a dual-stage, quad-jet thermal modulator positioned between the two columns. LECO's thermal modulator allows for on-column cryo-focusing within the GCxGC system, providing increased peak detectability and increased separation of coeluting compounds.


Thermal Modulation Without the Hassle of Liquid Nitrogen

With LECO's Consumable-Free Modulator you can now choose the compound volatility range you need to modulate. If your application requires you to modulate at extreme high volatility, the traditional LN cooled modulator is recommended. However, if your method requires you to modulate moderately volatile compounds, the consumable-free modulator will save you time and money without sacrificing performance.

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Cold Mounting | Castable Mounts | LECO

Cold Mounting
Castable Mounts

Our castable mounts are ideal for lower volume laboratories and materials that are sensitive to high temperature and pressures. 

We offer polyesters, acrylics, and epoxies for your lab's cold mounting needs:

  • Polyesters are an economical choice for labs with low sample volume and less concern about specimen edge retention. They provide an excellent way to make a mount quickly and easily.
  • Acrylics will cure faster than most other mounting media. They have excellent abrasion characteristics and fair edge retention. Acrylic is typically used for making multiple mounts where hot-mounting is not practical. A pressure vessel—such as our LECOMAT—used during curing will provide a semi-clear mounting material.
  • Epoxies provide a hard, chemical, and abrasion-resistant mount. They generally take longer to set up than other castable materials, but have superior flow and shrinkage properties. Long cure epoxies are used to mount the most difficult samples and can be placed in a vacuum to remove entrapped air and fill voids. Epoxies are available in quick-cure formulations that will cure in less than an hour.
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Cold Mounting Details

Cold Mounting Castable Mounts

  • Models
    1. Castolite - Polyester
    1. Lecoset 7000 - Polyester
    1. Lecoset 7008 - Acrylic
    1. Quick and Long Cure Epoxies
  • Options
    1. Ring Molds
    1. Silicone Rubber Molds
    1. Mold Cups