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Vertical vs Horizontal Furnaces: The Dumas Method for Protein Determination

The Dumas method has several advantages over the Kjeldahl method: it is much faster, with much lower operating costs, no real safety issues, and no toxic waste produced. However, there is a debate over which of the two main approaches to the Dumas method is better: a vertical or a horizontal combustion furnace. Determined to settle the question on which method is more precise and offers the most advantages, LECO chemists analyzed many sample types in both an FP828 and an FP928.

Zertifizierte Referenzmaterialien von LECO

Zertifizierte Referenzmaterialien von LECO

Unsere Referenzmaterialien sind „Made by LECO“ und im eigenen zertifizierten Labor geprüft. Wir produzieren Referenzmaterialien in CRM Qualität. Das Labor ist durch A2LA akkreditiert.


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