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VIDEO: LECO Advanced MOSH / MOAH Analyser // ON DEMAND

 Video: LECO Advance MOSH / MOAH Analyser // On Demand

Now available as an on-demand video!

Watch LECO's Advanced MOSH / MOAH Analyser in action!

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Fundamentals on Comprehensive MOSH/MOAH Analysis // ON DEMAND

 LECO ONLINE WORKSHOP: Fundamentals on Comprehensive MOSH / MOAH Analysis // On Demand

The following presentations are available:

English Language
  • "Fundamentals on LC-GC Coupling" by Dr. Andreas Bruchmann | Axel Semrau GmbH & Co KG
  • "Principles and Instrumentation of GC×GC and ToF-MS" by Prof. Dr. Ir. Hans-Gerd Janssen | University of Wageningen & Unilever
  • "LC–GC×GC–ToF-MS/FID: A Powerful Platform for MOSH&MOAH Determination" by Prof. Giorgia Purcaro | University of Liège
Spanish Language
  • "Cromatografía Bidimensional Exhaustiva acoplada a Espectrometría de Masas de Tiempo de Vuelo: Características y viabilidad para el control y análisis alimentario" by Lourdes Ramos | CSIC- IQOG
  • "Contaminación MOSH / MOAH. Verificación mediante GC×GC-TOF-MS" by Silvia Losa | SGS Berlín

Our latest online presentations for MOSH / MOAH Analysis are now available as an On-Demand session. With these fundamentals you will learn all the ins and outs on the LC–GC coupling, GC×GC and Time-of-Flight MS to be able to determine MOSH and MOAH in food products.

Pegasus BT 4D | Differentiation of Regular and Barrel-Aged Maple Syrups with ChromaTOF® Tile™

FP828 | Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Milk and Milk Products

Cost Effective Food Analysis with LECO Instruments

Cost Effective Food Analysis with LECO Instruments

From raw foods to final consumer-ready products, LECO instruments analyse the quality of and nutritional value of dairy products, meats, cereals, poultry, beer, and wine.

Learn more about our solutions for food analysis and read our various publications…

Accommodate Lower-Level Nitrogen Samples in Food Materials with an Optimised Combustion Method

Low-Level Nitrogen Samples in Food Materials

Did you catch our recent article on Food Navigator? Nitrogen content in food materials is necessary to measure when determining the total protein content. This measurement of nitrogen content can be performed using a classical wet chemistry method, but this tends to be a slow and tedious process. The combustion-based Dumas method has gained popularity in recent years as it significantly increases laboratory productivity. Yet when the sample has a low level of nitrogen it can be challenging to analyse. Examples of these hard-to-analyse samples include dry corn starch, NDIN filter bags, nutritional drinks, and beer. How can the combustion method be optimised to accommodate these lower-level nitrogen samples?

"Determination of Pesticides in Tomato Products by GC×GC-TOFMS" – LECO in colaboration with Separation Science

Find out how the use of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GC×GC) with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS) demonstrates excellent matrix-analyte and analyte-analyte separation quality of a high number of target pesticides, at high sensitivity.

The LECO Pegasus BT 4D was used to develop a robust and straightforward quantification workflow adhering to SANTE requirements.

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See what's in your food // Food Safety e-seminars on-demand

See What's in Your Food

How efficient is your workflow when it comes to food samples? Are you sure you're seeing everything your sample has to offer? Learn how LECO has been expanding what is possible when it comes to food safety analyses with this free series of webinars.

NOW AVAILABLE: Our On-Demand e-Seminar on SepScience.com

header blogpost eseminar 1440x390px

The recent eSeminar series on SepScience.com covering LECO’s solutions for Food and Environmental Analysis is now available as an on-demand version. The talks feature topics around the challenging field of FOOD analysis as well as the ENVIRONMENTAL analysis of the thousands of chemicals present in our air, land and water supplies.


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See What's in Your Food // Food Safety Webinar Series with LECO

See What's in Your Food

How efficient is your workflow when it comes to food samples? Are you sure you're seeing everything your sample has to offer? Learn how LECO has been expanding what is possible when it comes to food safety analyses with this free series of webinars.

All our webinars will be approximately 30 minutes long with a Q&A session at the ends. Register for any or all that interest you!

e-Food Lab International // Moisture Determination of Meat

Jennifer Laurin, Gabriela Schmid, Michael Jakob, and Lloyd Allen talk about moisture determination of meat. The article refers to the advantages of the automated moisture determination.


eFoodLab // Issue 02/2020 // by Jennifer Laurin, Gabriela Schmid,
Michael Jakob, and Lloyd Allen

Cost Effective Primary Moisture Analysis for Dairy Products

An accurate determination of moisture content in milk products provides important information related to the food quality and safety (texture, taste, microbial stability). Moisture is also a key variable used to calculate a product’s purity, yield, and /or resulting constituent analysis on a dry basis.

The TGM800 provides the user with flexible method settings, automation, and hardware capabilities that maximises moisture determination efficiency, productivity, and analytical performance. This is accomplished while offering the ability to meet the primary loss-on-drying method requirements for sample.


Register for our e-Seminar on SepScience

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Please join us for two upcoming eSeminars on SepScience.com. We present how state of the art LECO GC-TOF-MS and GC×GC-TOF-MS technologies can dramatically enhance your applications for Food Analysis (9th June) and Environmental (11th June).

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"The detection of honey bee diseases through monitoring shifts in volatile profiles" by Maggie Gill – Keele University, UK

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Today, 20th May, is UN World Honey Bee Day. The honey bee is an important pollinator species that contributes an estimated $15 billion a year to the US economy through crop pollination and £690 million to the UK economy. Honey bees are also important wild pollinators, and play a key role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services in many ecosystems.

SeparationScience featuring LECO Food Testing Applications e-Book

Our new eBook summarises a large part of LECO’s application work in the field of food testing. In addition to the Application Compendium, the eBook includes an introduction to GC×GC- and TOFMS-technology, followed by an overview of the different hardware and software solutions that were used for the food testing applications. A bibliography with additional references can be found in the appendix.

The eBook is downloadable at SeparationScience now.
Download the eBook here… 

Pegasus 4D | GC-TOFMS Analysis of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables Calibration for 26 Components from 10 to 1000 pg/μL

Pegasus 4D | Analysis of Sagebrush Aromas by Headspace SPME-GC×GC-TOFMS and Utilization of Variable Modulation in the Second Dimension Separation

Pegasus HT | Screening and Quantitation of Pesticides in Jonagold Apples by Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (GC×GC-TOFMS)

Pegasus HT | Analysis of PAHs in Infant Formula and Blueberries Using QuEChERS and GC×GC-TOFMS

Pegasus HT | SBSE-GC×GC-TOFMS Trace Level Organochlorine and Organophosphorous Pesticides Analysis in Brewed Green Tea

Pegasus HT | Analysis of 3-MCPD Esters in Edible Oils Using Large Volume Injection Coupled to Comprehensive Gas Chromatography – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

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Pegasus HT | Rapid Analysis of Spearmint Oil by GC-TOFMS

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Pegasus HT | Reverse Searching of a Large Peak Table for Phosmet in Michigan Blueberries after Analysis by Gas Chromatography – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

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Pegasus HT | The Analysis of Red List OP Pesticides in Food by DMI/GC-TOFMS

Pegasus HT | Fast Screening for Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables by Gas Chromatography – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Pegasus HT | Aroma Profile of Pet Food by GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS

Pegasus HT | Qualitative GC-TOFMS Analysis of Nutmeg Extract: Automated Peak Finding and Spectral Deconvolution of Minor Components

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Pegasus GC-HRT | Analysis of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Fish Oil Supplements by Gas Chromatography with High Performance-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry

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Pegasus GC-HRT | Differential Analysis of Olive Oils with Pegasus® GC-HRT and ChromaTOF®-HRT Reference Feature

Pegasus HT | Aroma Profile of Hops, Humulus Iupulus, as a Function of Boil Time by GC-TOFMS and GC×GC-TOFMS

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Pegasus HT | Automatic Detection of Omethoate in Baby Food Bananas

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GC×GC-ECD | GC×GC-ECD of Organochlorine Pesticides in Cucumber and Tomato

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e-Food Lab International // Interview with Ralf Löscher

Ralf Löscher speaks about the latest technologies, as well as many years experience LECO has in the field of TOFMS instrumentation. The special focus of this interview refers to the food industry and the special benefits LECO offers to this market.

“In the field of chromatographic separation science technology, LECO offers GC coupled to time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry (MS). This includes one-dimensional as well as two-dimensional chromatography (GC×GC), which increases chromatographic resolution and sensitivity. In addition, our latest technology is competitively priced in relation to triple quadrupole alternatives. Furthermore, GC-TOF-MS technology is basically unbeatable for the analysis of residues in complex matrices such as teas, spices, oily products, but also baby food.“


eFoodLab // Issue 02/2019 // Interview with Ralf Löscher


Frustrated by the time it takes you to determine moisture?

Today's laboratories are constantly being asked to do more with less resources, which can leave your lab stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. We want you and your laboratory to succeed by getting the results you can count on, while making life in your lab easier and more streamlined. Our latest innovation for the analysis of moisture effortlessly analyzes your food, feeds, milled products, and agricultural samples. 

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Pegasus BT | Fast Pesticide Residue Analysis in Food with a New Benchtop GC-TOFMS: Pegasus BT

Pegasus BT | Analysis of Fats in Food Products with GC-TOFMS

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