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Pegasus BT | Analysis of Synthetic Greenhouse Gases and Ozone-Depleting Substances

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Pegasus BT | Characterization and Comparison of Citrus Aromas in Lemon and Lime Essential Oils with GC-MS

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Learn your new PEGASUS® BT on your schedule

Learn your new PEGASUS® BT on your schedule

Your Pegasus® BT is a powerful instrument, but if you're unsure how to use some of its features, you aren't able to get the full benefit from your investment. LECO is rolling out LECOLearn, an online, on-demand training site to help you maximise your laboratory.

Pegasus BT | Modulators Overview

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Pegasus BT | Comprehensive Detection and Confirmation of Explosive Residues in Soil Using a High Performance Benchtop GC-TOFMS

Pegasus BT | Essential Oil Characterisation with GC-MS and Retention Index Determinations

Pegasus BT | Chemical Aroma Profile of Dark Chocolate Bar

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Pegasus BT | Brewery Process Monitoring with GC-MS

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Pegasus BT | Correlation of Chemical and Sensory Data to Track Aging of an American IPA Beer at Different Storage Temperatures

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Pegasus BT | Quantification of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole to Detect Cork Taint Fault in Wine with the Pegasus BT

Pegasus BT | Discovery of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Broccoli with GC-TOFMS

Pegasus BT | Comparison of Aroma and Flavor Profiles of Strawberry-Flavored Candy and Fresh Strawberries

Pegasus BT | EPA Method 8270 Semivolatile Organic Compounds Analysis on the Pegasus BT: A Benchtop GC-TOFMS

Pegasus BT | Quantitation of Four Regulated Phthalates in Plastic Consumer Products by Gas Chromatography–Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Pegasus BT | Fast Pesticide Residue Analysis in Food with a New Benchtop GC-TOFMS: Pegasus BT

Pegasus BT | Using High Performance GC-TOFMS to Effectively Monitor Patients for Opioids and other Drug Classes

Pegasus BT | Metabolomic Profiling of Corn and Rice Extracts Using a Benchtop GC-TOFMS

Pegasus BT | Tasting "Weird and Wild" Jelly Bean Flavors Using HS SPME Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Pegasus BT | Satisfying ASTM Method D5769: A Solution for Determination of High-Concentration Aromatic Compounds in Finished Gasolines

Pegasus BT | Battling Fuel-Washing: Detection of Accutrace S10 in Commercial Diesel Samples

Pegasus BT | Characterization of Fruit Tea Beverages with the Pegasus BT

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Pegasus BT | Analysis of Fats in Food Products with GC-TOFMS

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Pegasus BT | Discovering the Scent of Celery: HS-SPME, GC-TOFMS, and Retention Indices for the Characterization of Volatiles

Pegasus BT | Rapid Screening Analysis for Barbiturates in Human Urine by GC-TOFMS with the Pegasus BT