Approved Methods

International standards exist to enable an interconnected world. By creating and adhering to standards, a global confidence is built. The international language of standards allows us to communicate our quality in a way any scientist can understand: with proven, reliable, and repeatable results. LECO is proud to take an active role in the development of and adherence to these international standards.

LECO instruments conform to the approved methodologies for many organizations.

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Method Instruments Constituents Materials
46-30 FP928, FP828 Protein Cereal and Cereal Products
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
990.03 FP928, FP828 Crude Protein Animal Feed
992.15 FP928, FP828 Crude Protein  Meat, Meat Products, and Petfoods
992.23 FP928, FP828 Crude Protein  Cereal Grain and Oil Seed Products
993.13 FP928, FP828 Nitrogen Fertilizer
997.09 FP928, FP828 Nitrogen/
Beer, Wort, and Brewing Grains
(Total Protein by Calculation)
2017.08 S832 Sulfur Fertilizer
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
BA4E-93 FP928, FP828 Protein Oil Seeds
BA4F-00 FP928, FP828 Protein Soybean Meal
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
Combustion FP928, FP828 Protein Adjunct Materials and Cereals
Combustion FP928, FP828 Protein Barley
Combustion FP928, FP828 Protein Beer
Combustion FP928, FP828
Protein Brewers' Grains
Combustion FP928, FP828 Protein Malt
Combustion FP928, FP828 Protein Wort
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
D1619 832 Series S Carbon Black
D7633 832 Series C Carbon Black
D7662 832 Series C Carbon Black Feedstock Oils
D7679 832 Series S Carbon Black Feedstock Oils
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
C114, Sec 18.1 TGA801 Loss on Ignition (LOI) Portland Cement
C114, Appendix X2.2.2 TGA801 Split, Loss on Ignition, Carbon Dioxide Hydraulic Cement
C114, Appendix X2.2.5 CS 744/844 Total Carbon, Carbon Dioxide Hydraulic Cement
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
C1494 CS844/744,
C, O, N Silicon Nitride Powder


Method Instruments Constituents Materials
C1408 CS844/744 Carbon (Total) Uranium Oxide Powders and Pellets
C1457 RHEN602 Hydrogen Uranium Oxide Powders and Pellets
D240 AC500 Calorific Value Hydrocarbon Fuels
D1552 S832 S Oils and Petroleum Products
D1619 S832/td> S Carbon Black
D1857 AF700 Ash Fusion Coal and Coke Ash
D4239/Mth A S832 S Coal and Coke
D4809 AC500 Calorific Value Hydrocarbon Fuels
D5016 S832 S Coal and Coke Ash
D5291 CHN828 C, H, N Oil
D5373/Mth A CHN828 C, H, N Coal
D5373/Mth B SC/C832 C Coal and Coke
D5769 Pegasus BT Total Aromatics Finished Gasoline
D5865 AC500, AC600 Calorific Value Coal and Coke
D7348 TGA801, TGA701 Loss on Ignition (LOI) Combustion Residues
D7582 TGA801, TGA701 Proximate Coal and Coke
  Sec 13.2.2
TGM800 Moisture Coal and Coke
D8339 TGA801 Free Moisture, Gypsum, Calcium Sulfite Hemihydrate, Calcium Carbonate, Ash Flue Gas Desulfurization Solids (FGD)
Method Instruments Title
E10 LCB3100 Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of
Metallic Materials
E18 LR, LCR Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness of
Metallic Materials

AMH55, Test Blocks

Standard Test Method for Knoop and Vickers Hardness
of Materials
E140 LM, LV, LR, LCR, LMV,
Standard Hardness Conversion Tables for Metals Relationship Among Brinell Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Rockwell Hardness, Superficial Hardness, Knoop Hardness, and Scleroscope Hardness


Method Instruments Constituents Materials


C, S, N, O Steel, Iron*, Nickel/Cobalt Alloys
E1409 ONH836/ON736 O, N Titanium and Titanium Alloys
E1447 ONH836, RHEN602 H Titanium and Titanium Alloys
E1569 ONH836/ON736 O Tantalum
E1587 CS844/744,
C, S, N, O Refined Nickel
E1915 CS844/744,
SC832 Series
C, S Metal Bearing Ores and Related Materials
(i.e. tailings, waste rock)
E1941 CS844/744 C Refractory and Reactive Metals
E2050 CS844/744 C Mold Powders
E2575 ONH836/ON736 O Copper
E2792 RHEN602 H Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
E2994 GD-AES Multiple Titanium and Titanium Alloys

* ISO 4935 - Sulfur Method; ISO 9556 - Carbon Method

Method Instruments Title
E1951 BX, GX, SZ, SZX Standard Guide for Calibrating Reticles and Light Microscope Magnifications




Method Instruments Constituents Materials
A4.4M:2001 RC Series (H2O) Moisture Welding Fluxes and Electrode Flux Coverings
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
525.2 Pegasus BT Organic Compounds Drinking Water
8270 Pegasus BT SVOC Solids, Soil, and Water
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
1928 AC500, AC600 Calorific Value Solid Mineral Fuels
29541 CHN828 C, H, N Solid Mineral Fuels
16948 CHN828 C, H, N Solid Biofuels
18611-2 FP928, FP828 N Catalyst
18611-2, Annex B FP928, FP828 Total Nitrogen/Urea Aqueous Urea Solution
22241-2 Annex B FP928, FP828 Total Nitrogen/Urea Aqueous Urea Solution
19579 S832 S Solid Mineral Fuels
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
14891 FP928, FP828 Total Nitrogen/Protein Milk and Milk Products
16634 FP928, FP828/span> Total Nitrogen/Protein Food Products, Oilseed, and Animal Feeds
Method Instruments Title
4545-2 LM, LMV Metallic materials -- Knoop hardness test -- Part 2: Verification and calibration of testing machines
6506-2 LCB3100 Metallic materials -- Brinell hardness test -- Part 2: Verification and calibration of testing machines
6507-2 LM, LMV, LV Metallic materials -- Vickers hardness test -- Part 2: Verification and calibration of testing machines
6508-2 LR, LCR Metallic materials -- Rockwell hardness test -- Part 2: Verification and calibration of testing machines
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
3690 DH603 H Ferritic Steel Arc Weld Metal
4689-2/3 S844/744 S Iron Ores
4935 S844/744 S Steel and Iron
7524 C844/744 C Nickel, Ferronickel, and Nickel Alloys
7526 S844/744 S Nickel, Ferronickel, and Nickel Alloys
9556 C844/744 C Steel and Iron
9686 CS844/744 C, S Direct Reduced Iron
9891 C844/744 C UO2
10694 C844/744 C Soil
10719 C844/744 C Cast Irons
10720 ONH836/ON763 N Steel and Iron
11873 CS844/744 C, S Cobalt Metal Powders
13902 S844/744 S Steel and Iron
15349-2 C844/744 C Unalloyed Steel
15350 CS844/744 C, S Steel and Iron
15351 ONH836/ON736 N Steel and Iron
17053 ONH836/ON736 O Steel and Iron
19272 GDS C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Ni, Al, Ti, and Cu Low Alloyed Steel
21614 C844/744 C UO2, (U, Gd)O2, and (U, Pu) O2
22963 ONH836/ON736 O Titanium and Titanium Alloys
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
3451-1 Method D TGA801 Ash Plastics
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
10694 832 Series, 828 Series, 928 Series, 744/844 Series, RC612 C Soil
13878 FP928, FP828 N Soil
15178 S832, CNS/NS928 S Soil
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
11505 GDS Multiple General Procedures
14707 GDS Multiple Introduction to Use
16962 GDS Zn/Al Coatings Ferrous or Other Metal Base Materials
25138 GDS Metal Oxide Films Multiple Base Materials


Method Instruments Constituents Materials
E3487 QuadJet™ SD-ECD OCPs, PCBs Soil, Sediment
Method Instruments Constituents Materials
703 C844/744 C Catalysts
864 S832DR S Organic and Inorganic
990 GC×GC FID Molecular type




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