Jon Griffin | Public Analyst, Official Control Laboratory

Jon Griffin | Public Analyst, Official Control Laboratory

Kent Scientific Services

"Moisture analysis is typically a classical gravimetric technique when analysing both food and animal feeds. As such there is a considerable amount of 'hands on' analyst time to ensure accuracy. Freeing up analyst time allowing focus on other testing was the drive and automation of tests such as moisture was key to achieving.

The laboratory was aware of systems on the market which it could use to automate the moisture analysis but dealing with companies with a trusted track record, allowing an easier route to commission any such testing, was very important under our accreditation. We have used LECO instrumentation for nitrogen testing for over 20 years and therefore we felt that initial discussion with the company was justified. The instrumentation was then purchased on time and on budget. Communication with the representatives and technical specialists during the purchase was excellent.

We have had a long association with using LECO instrumentation particularly in the field of nitrogen/protein testing and they are viewed as a leader in this field. Reliability and accuracy of equipment is very important in the enforcement field and our experience is that LECO instrumentation delivers on both. The instrumentation (TGM) purchased was also at an affordable cost which ticked another box for us.
Time savings have been made as the analyst only has to weight the samples and set the instrumentation going and the rest is automated. Checking that the weighings are 'true' and to constant weight is the next intervention but this is clear from the analytical printout and takes little time and effort. So the time process of moisture determinations has now been optimised and we are achieving good external proficiency test results enhancing confidence in the figures reported to customers.

The equipment is robust, accurate and well priced compared to others on the market. LECO are a well established company with a long track record to producing high quality and reliable instrumentation. We are over cautious in terms of our suppliers of instrumentation in terms of the legal implications of the samples we are testing and the constraints of the ISO 17025 accreditation we work to. But LECO instrumentation we have used has never failed to deliver. Excellent after sales care is another bonus and engineers and reps are easily accessible."

Prof. G. John Langley, Head of Characterisation & Analytics and Head of Mass Spectrometry | Julie M. Herniman, Specialist in Mass Spectrometry

University of Southampton

"In 2019 EPSRC funded our vision for a regional Centre of Excellence (CoE) in 2 dimensional gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. This Regional CoE, initially embracing the Universities of Bath, Portsmouth, Southampton, and Swansea, will significantly drive discovery, characterisation and quantification of new modalities, delivering a step change in capability for detection and identification of new species that cannot be separated and determined by 1D GC alone.

LECO’s Pegasus HRT 4D GC×GC-TOFMS and the benchtop BT4D GC×GC-TOFMS, both with extensive automated sample handling capability were delivered in late 2019 and early 2020. Installation of these state-of-the-art instruments was complicated by Covid-19 and lockdown 1.0. With such complex instrumentation, and application areas, effective training was key; here LECO took the initiative and provided both bespoke local and on-demand online training.

The level of service support and close collaborative relationship with LECO (applications team and account manager) has been first rate. Both systems can now be operated remotely, enabling high level users from across the South West region to access the instrumentation and allow many complex questions to be probed. Our work covers a vast array of application, e.g. petrochemical, environmental and metabolomics. The data sets are rich and complex, yet simplified by a user friendly software interface. Compared to 1D-GC, the 4D systems provide an astonishing number of additional analyte identifications, giving us deeper insight and understanding of the samples. Combining LECO’s high resolution mass spectrometry with comprehensive gas chromatography, multiple sample handling options such as SPME, Pyrolysis and TD along with full automation has created a world class laboratory of which we are all very proud."

David Harvey, Technical Specialist - Metabolite Profiling

CNAP | University of York

"Our metabolomics research has utilised a LECO Pegasus 4D for over 15 years. Total downtime has probably been less than 20 days for the entire 15 years. When we do have a problem or even a question about using the instrument, LECO are very swift to respond, resolve the issue and offer support and assistance usually within a day of contacting them, and quite often on the same day. The source has never been cleaned or replaced, and we still have the same detector from the original installation. Multiple papers have been produced using data produced from our LECO and I can honestly say it’s been a great asset to our team at York University."

Susan Girdwood | Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences

Aberystwyth University

"We originally expected to purchase a quadrupole instrument so buying a TOF was a little unexpected but definitely worth it as the data is far richer than what a quadrupole would have supplied. In the three years we have had the instrument running metabolomic matrixes the source has never been cleaned and the data is still superb and consistent. We love our Pegasus BT, it does a fab job of running my FAME samples including milk, yogurt, kefir, biltong and bacteria."

Abigail MacCartney, Managing Director

Abigail MacCartney, Managing Director

LiveLab, United Kingdom

"At Livelab we have always used LECO instruments for their accuracy and reliability, but also for their reputation. If a customer knows that we have tested their samples on the LECO, then they have an increased level of confidence in the results that is important to us. I have a bit of a reputation amongst our employees for having a soft spot for LECO instruments, precisely because of their reliability and also their ease to maintain. For us, they are the number one name in CNS determination, and to that end we have two SC144 instruments, two FP528 instruments and one FP628 Nitrogen determinators. Easy to use, rarely goes wrong, easy to fix if it does, and the top name in the industry – why use anyone else?"

James Ashby, Technical Manager

James Ashby, Technical Manager

Liberty Powder Metals, United Kingdom

"As a small business the user-friendly interfaces and built-in functionality, such as maintenance reminders and OEM manuals, have helped us to get up to speed with our ON736 and CS744 machines quickly.

The ongoing technical support and adaptability to our application requirements has been second to none."

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