Expedite Gas Chromatography Analysis with Hydrogen

For years, helium has been the go-to choice as a carrier gas for mass spectrometers due to its well-known benefits. However, its limited supply and varying costs have posed significant challenges for labs worldwide.

LECO has conducted extensive research on the use of hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC-TOFMS analysis. We have developed innovative method transfer approaches to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to hydrogen. With our proven expertise in the hydrogen conversion process, we can help labs of all sizes achieve increased chromatographic throughput without sacrificing the sensitivity and accuracy they demand.

As the supply of helium continues to dwindle, the use of hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC applications has become an increasingly attractive option. With both benefits and drawbacks to consider, it requires the expertise of a dedicated team to determine the optimal approach.
In the following sections, we will share the details of our approach, including the method transfer approaches used, the technological benefits, and application examples. At LECO, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive information and support. That's why we have put together a range of resources specifically on hydrogen conversion, to help you make an informed decision.

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Instrument Portfolio for Hydrogen carrier gas

We understand that the conversion from helium to hydrogen carrier gas can be a crucial step in mass spectrometry, where speed and sensitivity are of utmost importance. At LECO, we take pride in designing our PEGASUS® mass spectrometers to deliver exceptional performance in Fast GC applications with both helium and hydrogen carrier gas. Our instruments are built to provide high-speed analysis without compromising sensitivity, making them the ideal choice for labs looking to switch to hydrogen. In addition, with our innovative StayClean® Ion Source technology, you can be confident that your instrument will operate at peak efficiency, free from the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.


On-demand Videos & Presentations

Helium is becoming an increasingly limited natural resource; using Hydrogen to achieve increased chromatographic throughput in GC applications is attractive. Both have advantages and disadvantages. LECO has for years investigated the use of Hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC-TOFMS analysis. In the following we are going to present you the method transfer approaches used, the technological benefits, and application examples.

Fast-GC Prasentation Video

► „Fast GC / Hydrogen Method Transfer Overview & Application Examples“

by Nick Jones, Sebastiano Panto, Lena Dubois, Joe Binkley (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI USA)
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ChromaTof Tile Prasentation Video

► „GC×GC Analysis with Chroma TOF Tile“

by Lena Dubois (LECO ETAC, Berlin, GER)
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ChromaTof Synch Prasentation Video

► „GC-MS Analysis Workflow utilizing ChromaTOF Sync“

by Liz Humstom-Fulmer (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI USA)
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GCxGC HRT-TOFMS Prasentation Video

► „Discovery Workflow Best Practices for Environmental Contaminants“

by Albert T. Lebedev (Lomonosov Moscow State University), David E. Alonso (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI USA)
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Hydrogen Carrier Gas Webinar
Webinar: Enhance Your GC-MS Workflow

With ever-increasing demands on your time, labor, and resources, optimizing your workflow is essential. Learn best approaches from GC-TOFMS experts to enhance your one- and two-dimensional gas chromatography applications (GC-MS and GC×GC-MS) in this webinar.

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Fast GC Forum Videos
Webinar: Designed for Speed – A Fast GC Forum

Could your lab use to speed up your GC analysis? In the „Designed for Speed“ forum, a panel of experts explore advancements in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technology and how laboratories can speed up their analysis.

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Library – Hydrogen Carrier Gas Publications

Read our following publications and discover more about GC-TOFMS analyses with hydrogen as a carrier gas. We kindly ask you to submit our form. Afterwards you‘ll get access to all files.

App Note Fast GC

App Notes:
Hydrogen-based GC-TOFMS Analysis

The shortage of helium and its increased costs are encouraging laboratories to find suitable alternatives. Learn how LECO achieves quality results utilizing Hydrogen as a carrier gas.
„Analsysis of Teatree Oil“
„Citrus Essential Oils“



„Utilizing unique TOF-MS technology and hydrogen carrier gas for fast GC-MS“

How many sample runs can you fit into your day? With a few simple changes, LECO‘s Pegasus BT can drastically speed up gas chromatography throughput. A faster time-of-flight analysis doesn‘t need to mean lower quality results.



„A green and sustainable method for Capsicum [...] using H2 Carrier Gas“

Learn how scientists from the University of Messina (Italy) increased their sustainability and „greenified“ their pepper analyses utilizing LECO separation science instruments.



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