LECO Solutions for Metabolomics

 LECO Solutions for Metabolomics


As the established leader in GCMS metabolomics, LECO products deliver the accuracy, resolving power, deconvolution, and speed to characterise the most complex biological systems. Our instrumentation has been validated by the industry’s most demanding researchers.


Check out our instrument overview for metabolomic research
(biomarkers, plant metabolomics, breathomics, metabolomic profiling):


On-Demand Presentations:

"High Performance GC- and GC×GC-TOFMS Metabolomics-Based Approach for Discovery of Potential Biomarkers in Plasma"
David E. Alonso and Tomas Kovalczuk, and Joe Binkley | LECO Corporation
and Cristina DiPoto, Habtom Ressom | 2-Georgetown University

"Aroma Profiling of Coffee with GC, GC×GC, and TOF MS"
Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer, Tomas Kovalczuk, and Joe Binkley | LECO Corporation

Recent Publications:

"GC×GC-HR-TOFMS for untargeted screening of Breathomics"
On-Demand Webinar (in cooperation with The Analytical Scientist) by Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto, Lead Scientist, University of Liège

"A History of Breath Analysis with GC- and GC×GC-TOFMS"
by Alan Griffiths, Separation Science Product Specialist, LECO Instruments UK

"The Ultimate Untargeted Technique"
by Pierre Hugues Stefanuto, Delphine Zanella, Jean-François Focant (2020), The Analytical Scientist

"Making the Breath Biopsy a Reality."
Non-invasive tests are needed in the battle against disease – could breath hold the answer?" by Matthew Hallam (2020), The Analytical Scientist

Learn more about our solutions for metabolomics
and read our various application notes, posters, and brochures:

Interactive Poster "The Last 2 Decades of Breath Analysis with GC- and GC×GC-TOFMS"
Detection of Sulfur-Containing Metabolites of Asparagus in Urine by SBSE-GC×GC-TOFMS
Utilizing the Pegasus GC-HRT 4D for Improved Yeast Metabolite Characterization
Metabolomic Profiling of Corn and Rice ExtractsUsing a Benchtop GC-TOFMS
Brochure "Solutions forMetabolomics Analysis"


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