29 October 2019

Workshop: Metabolomics

LECO invites you to a diverse Metabolomics Analysis event at the EATC in Berlin. Expert speakers will present how the use of LECO GC-TOF-MS and GC×GC-TOF-MS enhances their latest target and untargeted metabolomics analysis applications in various fields such as Human disease, foodomics and plant biomarkers. These lectures will be supplemented with a laboratory session showcasing the latest LECO instrumentation and software. The participation is free of charge, including a special evening event on 27th November!



See our draft list of speakers and talks

"Targeting central metabolism to treat cancer"

by Stefan Kempa, Max-Delbrück-Center for Moleculare Medicine, Berlin, Germany

"Analysis of the microbiome of stool with GC-TOF"
by Katja Dettmer-Wilde, University Regensburg, Institute of Functional Genomics, Germany

"Phenotypic and non-phenotypic metabolites in plasma based on a study of “normality”
by Thomas Moritz, University of Copenhagen, Dept. Metabolomics, Denmark

"White wine GC-TOFMS metabolomics: An effect of vintage, grape type, and country of origin"
by Bekzod Khakimov & Inal Bakhytkyzy, University of Copenhagen, Dept Food Science, Denmark

"The development of a hybrid targeted/untargeted method for polar metabolites on the Pegasus BT"
by Alex Dickens, Turku University, Turku Biotechnology Center, Finland

"Effect of phytosterols on colon and liver metabolome in a murine colitis model"
by Nunzia Iaccarino, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

"Discovery of New Potential Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer Using GC×GC-MS"
by Marcello Manfredi, University of Piemonte Orientale, Italy

"Metabolites in goji berries"
by Raphaël Lugan, University of Avignon, France

"Multiomic data integration using machine learning and data-driven inverse metabolic modelling - from diabetes to immune system modulation"
by Wolfram Weckwerth, University of Vienna, Austria

"Enhancing the Analysis of Plant Tissue using Pegasus 4D Comprehensive Gas Chromatography - Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry"
by Pozhvanov Gregory, St. Petersburg State University, Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Russia