LECO Solutions For Moisture/Ash Analysis

Automated moisture or moisture/ash determination with a primary loss on drying method for replacing the slow labor intensive, manual air oven method is ideal for most applications in the foods, feeds, and milling products industry. LECO‘s cutting-edge thermal gravimetric analysers, TGM800 and TGA801, are industry leaders in every field and run simultaneously for 10 up to 38 samples! Flexible method settings, automation, and hardware capabilities deliver an automated analysis process while requiring only the manual measurement of the initial sample mass, for maximum productivity in your lab.


Specific Advantages Including

  • Improved work flow efficiency
  • Minimal operator time
  • Maximized sample batch throughput
  • Automated end point recognition based upon sample mass constancy
  • Optimal analysis time
  • Stable and precise mass measurements


Instrument Portfolio Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator

LECO instruments offer piece of mind for energy companies validating for quality and compliance by measuring for moisture, ash, volatile content, and loss-on-ignition as well as determination of gross calorific value of various organic materials.


TGM800 | Thermogravimetric Analysis


Moisture Analysis in Food

Thermogravimetric Moisture Analysis


TGA801 | Thermogravimetric Analysis



Thermogravimetric Analysis


Sample running with LECO TGA801 & TGM800

Simple entering of your samples into macro crucibles, easy and convenient, no need for touching the sample after starting the instrument.

TGA801 crucibles
TGM800 crucibles
TGM800 open closeup
TGA801 open closeup



Moisture / Ash Determination App Notes Library

Learn more about our solutions for thermogravimetric moisture / ash analysis and read our Application Notes. In the following, you are going to find a content compendium according to moisture / ash determintation.



Moisture / Ash Determination Scientific Poster


"Moisture and Total Solid Determination of Milk-Based Products Comparing Automated Thermogravimetric and Air Oven Loss-on-Drying Techniques"

by Mason Marsh, Jenifer Laurin, Jeffery Gast (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI USA
Please click here to view the poster.


"Direct Moisture Determination of Various Grain/Seed Products Comparing Automated Thermogravimetric Method and the Oven Drying Methods used by the Southern African Grain Laboratory"

by Jason van Rooyen (LECO Africa), Marie Bothma (Southern African Grain Laborator), and Marlize Hammes (Southern African Grain Laborator)
Please click here to view the poster.


"Determination of Moisture/Loss on Drying in Cannabis by Various Analytical Techniques"

by Jeffery Gast, Adam Darling, Lloyd Allen (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI USA)
Please click here to view the poster.


"Moisture Determination of Meat Comparing Automated Thermogravimetric and Air Oven Loss-on-Drying Techniques"

by Jenifer Laurin, Gabriela Schmidt (LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI USA), Michael Jakob, Lloyd Allen (LECO EATC, Berlin, Germany)
Please click here to view the poster.

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