Agronomy/Soil Analysis
with LECO

LECO as a main supplier of elemental analysis delivers perfect solutions for a modern agronomy/soil laboratory. High speed, reliability, unmatched throughput and high precise macro analysis for your lab, perfect for inhomogeneous and difficult samples. Elevate your results and save your time.

Specific Advantages Including

  • Moisture Determination – Loss on drying automated up to 16 samples simultaneously
  • CNS determination in soil and environmental samples
  • Detection of Pesticides – Even in the most difficult matrices
  • Protein Determination after Dumas – Replacement of Kjeldahl; Results in ≈ 3 minutes fully matrix independent
  • TOC after EM 17505 or EN 15936 – Temperature dependent differentiation or acid treatment method for TOC/TIC or TOC400 ROC and TIC 900


Instrument Portfolio for Agronomy Analysis

Your Solution For Cost Effective Agronomy Analysis
Check out our broad product portfolio for Moisture/Ash determination as well as pesticide analysis. Benefit from the advantages of our state-of-the-art solutions for your agronomy analysis.

828 and 928 Series | Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Sulfur / Protein

Series 828 CHNS and 928 CNS


C | H | N | S determination

REQUEST 828/929 Series

SC832 | Sulfur and Carbon Analysis

832 Series

Sulfur and Carbon

Determintation by combustion


TGA801/TGM800 | Thermogravimetric Analysis Moisture/Ash



Thermogravimetric analysis


RC612 | Multiphase Determinator


Carbon And Water

Multiphase determinator



Flour, Moisture Analysis

Determination of Moisture/Ash/Loss on Drying

An accurate determination of moisture content in food or agricultural products provides important information related to the food quality and safety.

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Legumes, Protein Analysis

Protein Determination

Protein determination with LECO after the principle of Dumas can be very easy and convenient. LECO has the perfect solution with the 828 and the 928 productline.

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White Paper | Protein Analysis - Dumas Vs. Kjeldahl

Have you ever wondered about this old discussion about „Dumas and Kjedahl“ and which one fits better to your needs in the field of protein analysis?
Read our lates white paper related to protein analysis by comparing the methods "Dumas vs. Kjeldahl". Get a concise overview about the theories of operation, and learn how the benefits of a LECO Dumas determinator can impact your workflow.

Blog post | Protein Analysis – Dumas vs. Kjeldahl

Protein Analysis - Dumas Vs. Kjeldahl White Paper


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