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Feuchtebestimmung für Ihr Labor
LECOs maßgeschneidertes Leasing – für jedes Budget mit Testphase! TGM800 – Thermogravimetrisches Feuchte-Bestimmungsgerät.  Der‎ TGM800 bietet eine hochpräzise, automatisierte Lösung zur Feuchtigkeitsbestimmung und ersetzt die langsame, mühsame, traditionelle Trocknungsverlusttechnik durch eine automatisierte Primärmethode. Das Design bietet eine Reihe zeitsparender Funktionen, z. B. die automatische Messung von bis zu 16 Proben gleichzeitig mit optionaler Erkennung des Trocknungszeitpunkts und eine intuitive Touchscreen-Software…
Winners of the LECO Analytical Applications Poster Competition // LA²PC 2020/2021
LECO hosted the LA2PC // Analytical Applications Poster Competition with the aim of improving our understanding and knowledge of LECO users’ work and research. This was a great opportunity to learn more from our users and introduce their work with LECO instruments to a wider base. LECO is proud that so many excellent posters were submitted. All entries are displayed…
LECO Solutions for MOSH/MOAH
  Solutions forDeterminingMOSH/MOAH DeterminingMOSH/MOAHin Food Professionalsfor MOSH/MOAHin Cosmetics Professionalsfor MOSH/MOAHin Baby Milk Powder DeterminingMOSH/MOAHfor Food Safety NEW: LOCAL Workshop MOSH/MOAH   Learn more about our… ► Recent Events and On-Demand Presentations ► Most Recent Publications ► Solutions for MOSH/MOAH Library ► Instrument Portfolio   Whatever your sample preparation workflow requirements are, harness the power of LECO GCxGC & TOF technology to solve the complex challenges of MOSH/MOAH Analysis.
MDCW 2021 | Multidimensional Chromatography Workshop
The Multidimensional Chromatography Workshop draws experts in this exciting field to share and discuss their research. The informal workshop also provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in multidimensional chromatography to learn more about this unique analytical technique. Research topics include advancements in multidimensional chromatography technology and applications of this highly selective chromatographic approach.